kill myself

when people hurt you and disrespect you, act like your nothing and trample you. they hurt you and treat you like a dog and sometimes the can hurt you physically and emotionally so i decided that i dont want that anymore and i am going to drink bleach and end my suffering
as i drank the cup of bleach i feel the poison and i finally kill myself.
the common quote said after one performs a blasphemous act, therefore embar-ssing him/her self.
george: yo we’re going the wrong way.. where’s my house?

non-idiot: your in it.

george: oh god. kill myself.
an alternate way of saying “i don’t like this situation!”

the same as kill me, which is usually never taken in a literal sense and only used to express the frustration of a current situation.
teacher: you got a ten!
student: out of ten?
teacher: out of two-hundred!
student: kill myself!
definition: (adjective/verb/noun) – a word used to describe a situation or emotion of one’s killing himself.

killmyself originates from a depressed boy close to new orleans. it is a one-word representation for suicidal people to say. instead of the two-worded phrase “kill myself”, killmyself is used as one word. it can never be hyphenated. ever. never. ever.
– this shirt looks so killmyself on me.

– when i get home from school, i am going to killmyself.

– killmyself is fabulous.

– the slang form of killmyself is killmahself. it is also one word. no hyphen (-).

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