kill road

kill road is another name for mill road which is a street located on milwaukee far north side. mill road is infested with hoes, speeding cars, drugs, gds, and all other types of hood sh-t you can imagine. the highends of mill road is the worst area (76th-107th) there is alot of cheap apartments and projects around the area of 84th and mill road. when you go a little bit up the road to the 100s there is a hood known as the hunnits and is infested with a gang known as the wild 100s. this is definetly the worst part of killroad. there is shootings, robberies, burglaries you name it. overall mill road is a scary place to live no matter if you are involved with gangs or any other types of dangerous activies. everybody is a victim at some point.
man 1: “aye man where you at?”
man 2: “you already know where im at dawg. kill road.”

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