a fat c-nt who never leave the comfort zone of mcdonalds.
look at that guy eating fat in the corner. he is such a killerweb

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  • quienty-cole'in

    verb: when someone incredibly intoxicated has intercourse with an obese white woman, wakes up and denies it to his friends. but, in reality he loved hitting that piece of juicy meat. yo did you see ben bring that obese white chick into his room last night? you think he was quienty-cole’in? h-ll yeah he loves […]

  • slave material

    so s-xy that you can be an amazing slave d-mn, girl, you so fine you’re slave material.

  • fat-checking

    a derivative of “fact-checking” when applied to the large inventory of fiction spouted by a fat-headed political candidate. origin: hillary clinton, second presidential debate, october 9th, 2016 “of course my opponent can’t say whatever he likes, but please know we will be fat-checking, uh, fact-checking his -ssertions.”

  • bottom low

    a defensive term in basketball to get your behind low. coach: get your bottom low! to call someone awesome. teacher, your bottom low

  • wild tangent

    a meaningless, useless, retargerous detour from one’s immediate goal or purpose considering all the possible negative accompanying unattended cannonb-lls, please refrain from going on a wild tangent when you have a specific goal in mind that you want to achieve

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