a beautiful and intelligent gamer girl. usually likes games of all kinds, but focuses mainly on videogames. craves companionship and compet-tion, but also has rediculously high standards. her skills are second to none.

most kimikos are very friendly, but have little interests outside games of all kinds. they tend to unknowingly intimidate others due to their s-xy, busty physiques and outgoing personalities. that may be why they crave companionship and compet-tion so often.
wow, she’s smokin’ hot! and she’s playing a ds? i think i’m in love.

yeah, she’s a real kimiko, man. they’re a rare breed.
the most beautiful girl in the world, inside and out. there aren’t words to describe her because she is so amazing. she also has a s-xy boyfriend, but the world knows her boyfriend is h-lla lucky
d-mn, i wish i was with kimiko… wait i am!
a c-ck and c-m worshiping facial c-mshot where the woman strokes the guy off as he c-ms on her face letting her feel as though she made her partner c-m instead of him stroking himself. this can be done as he starts to c-m in her mouth from a bj or from intercourse and he finishes on her face.
b-tch get on yo’ knees and give me a f-ckin’ kimiko…………. yo’

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