kimo: hawaiian for james. hawaiian word meaning to stab or hit. also a hawaiian game.
kimo is one huge brada!
someone who takes up most of the bed
miranda: “move over!”
jimmy: “no! its my bed!”
miranda: “stop being a kimo!”

jimmy in the end loses and sleeps in the coach for the night.
shortened slang for kimosabe, which in turn means “trusty scout” or “faithful friend” in the native american language potawatomi.
oi kimo, on your way up to my place, can you pick up a sixer?
hard as a mother f-cker.
kim oeters: “go hard all the time”
wouldn’t want to run into her in a dark ally.
another word for gnargnar
“oh, hey whatcha upta?”
“nothin, just gonna be kimo for the rest of the day”
kiss -ss mother f’er
you punk kimo. man that dude was talking to the man and straight turned into a kimo!

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