a word used to describe an unknown word friends use.
take my kinfloss bro.

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  • mega lock

    lingo that is synonymous to “for sure” or “tight” hey yall do you want some p-ssy?!?! h-ll yes! mega lock.

  • hbhw

    hbhw pr-nounced (hub-how) short for: hot but hard work a girl who is so demanding and high maintenance that you give up dating her because the potential rewards aren’t worth the loss of dignity caused by an onslaught of psychic pollution. she’s a hbhw…. – wow! do you know that girl? – yeah, but she’s […]

  • pryma

    a stubborn -sshole geezer steve your being such a pryma

  • slaythan

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  • low key dead

    the stage in between drunk and blacked out. also may be used to refer to waking up hungover/slightly drunk. after alli finished the game of flip cup she said aloud “i’m low key dead…”.

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