King of Hearts

1.) the suicidal king card in the deck of cards. (he’s the one with the sword through his head.)
2.) unlike a “hopeless romantic,” a king of hearts does not day dream about a romantic life, but has already lived through it and died from it. the king of hearts is a symbolism of someone who is reborn, after the experience of both the joys and tragic pain of love. they then return and master love with more self respect.
“in the card game of romance, the king of hearts is the highest hand.”
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as a noun, someone considered likely to commit suicide, someone who has attempted committing suicide in the past or made plans to, etc. used to describe people who are actually serious about it, or people who are probably serious about it but haven’t revealed it to anyone just yet.

derived from the picture depicted on the king of hearts face card included in a deck of 52 cards. in most basic decks, the king is shown holding a sword horizontally behind his head, making it look as if he’s stabbing himself through the head.

in a verb sense, to pull a king of hearts would mean to commit suicide, or try to.

“oh god, i think i just flunked, i forgot about that friggin test! my parents are gonna kill me! maybe i should just do the job for them”

“hey, chill man, it was just a math test. ask to retake it or something, or deal with it, you’re no king of hearts”

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