when you and your s-xual partner coincidentally have the same kink 😉
omg your into getting p-ssed on too, what a kinkyd-nk!!!

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  • pizza hooker

    defined as a young woman who employs s-xual promiscuity with the aim of acquiring free pizza from pursuing males. “hey dave, how did jeremy end up getting with veronica?” “veronica? i heard she is a pizza hooker”

  • scientinytologist

    a pet-te cultist. tom cruise is probably the most famous scientinytologist.

  • n*gg*rz

    n-gg-rz are like n-gg-rs but blacker everything about them is blacker. bigger d-ck, both parents left him, early 1700s they were slaves of the slaves. ayy yo dat boi one of dem n-gg-rz he probly has like, 20 inch d-ck in dem pants

  • p*ssing lava

    the painful urination from stds. after doing wonda wonderpig i am p-ssing lava! yaeeaawww!!

  • burgoyne

    the kind of dude who sh-ts the bed and walks away. the kind of dude who sleeps with his roommate and doesn’t make breakfast for him the next morning. the kind of dude who spots a c-ckroach in the kitchen, but doesn’t actually help catch it. he’s just that kind of dude. i hope i […]

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