a smart, lovely, beautiful, s-xy, and amazing person
is not a wh-r- like people she knows but can be very flirty if she wants, it works!

is very talented and outgoing
she is a lover and not a fighter; but she will fight for what she loves
keeps friends close and protects them from rumors and bullys

stands up for herself and others
hates conflict; but not afraid to speak her mind
keeps all promises and never betrays her peers, is very trustworthy
kitty is an amazing girl; and an absolutely an amazing friend she is shy at first but once you get to know her she is loud and out of control, sometimes breaking into giggle fits
she is heart broken or depressed often and needs someone to catch her when she falls, but is always there to fall back on when you need her no matter her mood
its easy for her to find a boyfriend because she is beautiful beyond the word beautiful goes….and anyone will be lucky to have an outstanding friend or lover like her. if you find one, don’t let her go!!
boy:”sh-t whats her name she is amazing!!”
girl:that there is kitale she is sooo sweet, clever and beautiful, i wish i was like her!!”
boy: “wow, do you think i could talk to her?”
girl:”ofcourse she is soo lovely she is friends with almost everyone!!”

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