a dirty little boy who don’t respect his mother or other elders
you are so kivarrie

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  • gentleman and scholar

    a term of jest between military and other like groups when a guy is getting too political. i think trump might be legit. why sir i tell you your a “gentleman and scholar.”

  • provost alberta

    g-yest place on earth, has the greasiest men ever and its overpopulated with people who resemble columbine school shooters. also known for the town of underage s-x and child abuse. before you visit, make sure that you get all your medical shots. “have you ever heard of provost alberta?” “yeah man, i got six teenagers […]

  • nose on exhibition

    having an over-inflated opinion of one’s talent and creativity. prince of tides, yentl, the mirror has two faces? all a bunch of nose on exhibition vehicles for barbra streisand!!

  • kho

    kho simply means r-t-rd that guy is such a kho

  • hagree

    when you heartily concur with the hilarious criticism of someone who resembles, or is acting like, an ugly old woman. i certainly hagree with you – that susan is an absolute harridan.

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