very kind and beautiful. loyal in any possible way. a little emotional at times but stays strong and brace for family and friends
kiyomie is my rollmodel

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  • scarecrow b*tch

    scarecrow b-tch: is a female that is dum and not intelligent and is falling apart, just like a scarecrow the hay is always falling out and scarecrow don’t have a brain she can’t think straight is crazy and has many fears you don’t have a life, you scarecrow b-tch.

  • bonus plus

    fat rolls on the back of subversives head that looks like a package of hot dogs. baby daddy gotta grow that hair looking like he going to a bbq with that bonus plus.

  • ghetto binding

    a method of binding volumes of doc-ments whereby the binder staples the doc-ment lengthwise in three places on the left side of the page (i.e. top, middle, and bottom) and then wraps the entire left side of the doc-ment volume, front to back, with electrical tape, covering up the staples and creating a crude binding. […]

  • coconut stall

    a slang term used in 90’s england protests against the ira to define someone who you want to throw things at, the term usually refers to ira members. “see that irish republican army geezer’? he’s our f-cking coconut stall”

  • data sculpture

    presentation of selected information in multiple dimensions through various media. the essay, and the short film that follows, will present a data sculpture of all known and some imaginary discourses on human potential.

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