that one -sshole that everyone has to deal with for the rest of their lives also happens to be really smart but doesn’t try to so hes f-cking retarted
see this guy named richard is a kjin

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  • hoodtwinked

    being fooled by a trap and engaging in intercourse. man1: i met this cute girl at a party and brought her home, right? while i’m f-cking “her” -ss, i reach around and find a c-ck bigger than mine! man2: that trap hoodtwinked you, man. always confirm desired genitals before s-x. consider this a lesson learned.

  • coil basket

    the forming of a large fecal coil on top of a persons -n-s or v-g-n-. one said coil is formed the person forcefully punches the pile into the open cavity thustly fisting either the v-g-n- or the -n-s through the coil of fecal matter. she said she was into kinky stuff and then i gave […]

  • fadin

    f-ck boy fadin such a f-ck boy.

  • montrice

    she’s a ver strong young girl whom been threw alot in her lifetime, she sees good in her future, she’s a very beautiful young lady even with the scars those scars has stories behind them which would be great for stories. omg montrice girl i love your hair

  • gel taco

    something christine from simply nailogical says that people don’t always get but it actually means “gel top coat,” typically used as a finish on your nails. after you put the holo on, put on a gel taco and cure that sh-t fo a minute.

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