to see a teacher outside of school
the other day i kleiped mr. fife in a dream

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  • klinsman

    its when u skid in muddy ground on u’re chest like u’re goin down a slide on u’re front named after german footballer jurgen klinsman who first introduced it as a celebration look at big steves jacket! he said he pulled a klinsman last nite

  • kultLeader

    a cultleader who is not for the weak minded m-sses.a kultleader is the modern cultleader for the intellectual few. jeenie chose not to go with the typical cultleader.instead she chose a kultleader..knowing that a kultleader was more hip to todays effective brainwashing tequniques, without all the cultleader old school drama.

  • psychole

    came from an accident, but i think of it now as a combination of psycho and -sshole. why are you dating him? he’s such a psychole!

  • Psychological Fist Fucking

    what over-zealous psychotherapists, particularly psychodynamic, neo-freudian pract-tioners (including a.k.rice and wilfred bion group leaders) do to unsuspecting, naive, desperate, powerless students. tom mcguire was such a nasty group leader in psychological fist f-cking his graduate students, as if it were some abusive hazing process.

  • pi-agra

    strong coffee or any other caffeine based energy drink used for the sole purpose of staying awake and keeping up in a math cl-ss. not to be confused with hemingwagra which is what you take to keep up in an english cl-ss. i’m failing this math cl-ss because it’s so boring i keep falling asleep. […]

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