it is knippgnar. or comparing ones awesomeness to by the action injecting herion into your nipples. let it be known that nathanpain11791 and free000cake are the soul heirs. must be spoken in stoner surfer voice.
dude! that stunt was totally knippgnar! far out dude!

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  • head envy

    personal envy towards another person due to their cranial diameter. greg has head envy towards me because he has such a bucket head and mine is the perfect size.

  • urt scoop

    the action of riskily grabbing something quickly before anyone else has a chance too; especially if referring to the ball in halo grifball. holy sh-t dude, i just urt scooped that jont!

  • downbuzz

    1. an individual who disrupts another persons positive high through sour and negative behaviour. 2. a sudden crash of emotion. jeez you’re a downbuzz cam, always ruining my night. i was real keen for tonight, but now i’m just feeling downbuzz

  • check the hooks

    cheking how high the hooks are on the back of the door in the pub whilst having a wee or poo or both i’m off to check the hooks

  • chicken dingus

    a chickendingus is someone that does stupid things but also has trouble doing so you’re a chicken dingus

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