knob mobbin

is a premature form of turret syndrome that some of the most famous dj’s develop over time. it is one of the easiest syndromes to develop and without a doubt is the

best way to spot this faux dj syndrome. kn-b mobbin is best used when a faux dj has no idea how to mix or add/subtract from the mix but wants to look like a

complete master on the mixer, and to the untrained eyes and ears, a faux dj may possibly seem like the most talented dj ever.
jim: bro, i just saw dj hardenuf absolutely tear up the mixer, he looked like a surgeon operating on someone dude.
bob: no way, was he cuttin the crossfader back and forth and beat juggling?
jim: yeah, i think he was dude, his hands were moving so fast and he was literally touching every kn-b on the mixer in a matter of seconds. he’s such a good dj dude. mind blown for sure bro.
bob: are you serious? why would he need to touch every kn-b on the mixer? was the sound changing all over the place?
jim: i don’t know, kind of, but dj slaptone played the exact same way, and everyone knows he’s got crazy talent. right?
bob: 100% wrong dude, many dj’s get trapped into feeling like they should be mixing when not necessary. its tough to watch a dj do this. it’s similar to watching a horse needing to being put down because of a broken leg. i’m sorry you had to see that bro:(
jim: wow, how does this happen? why does this have to happen to all the best ones!
bob: it’s a known disease that faux dj’s develops after years of pretending to dj. it’s called kn-b mobbin. not only is it a disease, its an externally visible character flaw, that borderlines turrets. only cure is to learn to dj or quit djing cold turkey.

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