a complete kn-b jockeying sl-t, be they male or female. so obsessed with p-n-ses, that they don’t even notice the guy attached to it. every workplace, town and secondary school has one of these “kn-bsessed” individuals. teenagers and middle aged guys often fall victim to the kn-bsessed. you can recognise them by their trousers (which are too tight) and their hair (which is too bleached/dyed/straightened/backcombed) and by their voice (which is too loud).
ed- “look at tracey chatting up darren”
meg- “ewww, he’s a freak of nature!”
ed- “i know, the girl is totally kn-bsessed”

“donna didn’t recognise me in town, even though we sh-gged last week. i think she was just kn-bsessed with me”
when a person is completely infatuated with the kn-b on the end of a c-ck.
your mom wouldn’t take my d-ck out of her mouth after she saw my kn-b. she’s f-ck-ng kn-bsessed dude, take her a psychologist.

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