knoestig is a word for something very lame.
dude, that music is knoestig

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  • knuckle headed catfish

    really cool explitive that is not much of an explitive. some thing i came up with in college and hope it sweeps the nation like wild fire. did you see your test score? no…let me see…aw knuckle headed catfish

  • filipino fingers

    someone who has wildly fast fingers, they come in handy when playing madden or guitar hero. deriving from filipinos’ ability to use the juke stick and keep running without skipping a beat. nate: dude i just beat “raining blood on expert” ryan: d-mn you and your filipino fingers!

  • filiprican

    cross-bread of half puerto rican and filipino d-mn man, this filiprican dude at the gym at the gym today had a c-ck like a war-horse

  • fill er up

    the term used to tell someone that they should deposit some more petrol in the tank of thier car if you are drugged to the eyb-lls person 1 says: hey your tank is empty, maybe you should fill er up person 2 hears: fill er up when a man puts his p-n-s into a girls […]

  • heading to craigsville

    an expression used in place of, “we’re f-cked.” commonly used on jump mountain during bear season when hunters have lost their dogs and the sun is rapidly setting. “well, we lost our dogs when we were chasin’ a bear, so i guess we’re heading to craigsville.”

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