1.the west coast version of crunk
2.anythang that be b-mpin to heezy fo sheezy
3.the only known word that rhymes with orange
“y’all been gettin knorange up in thurr”

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  • b*n*r chewing

    the act of “chewing,” or “munching” on a man’s p-n-s during the act or oral intercourse. brandon: dude, my girl and i were having oral last night. dan: how did that go.? brandon: it was good until she started b-n-r chewing.

  • chin bangers

    low hanging t-st-cl-s. his b-lls hung so low that when he f-ck-d her face his chin bangers made a slapping noise.

  • fall back p*rn

    the rare p-rn that to you is re-watchable and when all else fails and other p-rns are not getting you off, you go back to a cl-ssic that can get the job done. chris couldn’t finish masturbating while watch the grandma p-rn so he went to his fall back p-rn and watched his favorite; back […]

  • fall back son

    used to get someone who’s all on your d, off yo jock. causing the person to relax and stop annoying you. random n-gg- – “yo suspence, w-ssup bro? whats goin on? how you doin? how’s life? you listen to a-prod’s new song yet?”–“fall back son! stop bein such a chatterbox” – suspenc

  • fang the b

    sticking your finger in an -n-s wife: honey, come to bed and fang the b! husband: naw, butch. you gots to fang my b tonight! as the husband crouched on the bed, wife proceeded to slide her index funga into her husbands b-tty as he consumed a corn dog laden with j-ps

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