being a kn-b and a douche at the same time.
ben: what the f-ck is wrong with jacek?
tom: dude you shouldn’t be surprised – he’s a tremendous knouche after all.

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    when rosie accidently sits on her phone and goes on facebook live so that when she takes her phone out all her friends are watching her. lol, rosie facebook b-tt lived with her but again. i think she sh-t her pants when she saw.

  • tief

    a word commonly used by the afrikaans cape coloured community of cape town. it is slang for the afrikaans word “teef”, which translated means b-tch. it is, however, often used by the cape coloured community (both english and afrikaans) to describe someone who has been elevated to a status even worse than a regular b-tch. […]

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    when someone does something big that turns out to be a disappointment, like a sh-tty plastic rocket that goes into the air only to turn out into nothing. jerry’s date with tiffany turned out to be a plastic rocket.

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    a big mother f-cker with many heads. you have to chop all its heads at once off to kill it. you can also get up on its back get up on the hydras back!

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    pimp papi is someone that does illegal stuff for their b-tches janikwa is my pimp papi

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