to be nasty with, or having nastiness.
man that drink is knujunkle man, try it.

what? did you see that, it was knujunkle, the way his leg bent.

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  • Skikum

    a row, circle, or group of three or more people wearing converse. the term is normally reffered to in a school or college environment. (walking down the corridor) “look, there’s a skik-m of guys in there.”

  • Skillie

    pr-nounced skil-eye when you want to get yourself out of a situation & end it with this. meaning, alright anyway basically changing the subject ben: lol, mark & that girl yesterday harry: what, update. go on mark ben: yeah, go on mark mark: alright, later. skillie

  • skin roller

    an itch on the scr-t-m that requires the skin to be rolled for the itch to be aleved. aww, dude i was sitting on the carpet naked and now i got such a bad skin roller!

  • Skittle Herpes

    when a girl has herpes and makes a guy eat skittles out of her vag. he then eats a herpes cl-ster along with the skittle not realizing it. the girl’s herpes is so bad it’s in skittle sized clumps. “dude, don’t even think about it. she has skittle herpes.”

  • gogamore

    the brown ring around a racc–n’s -ss. man, my gogamore really itches.

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