koff cunt

shortened down “f-ck off c-nt”
why don’t you koff c-nt

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  • seize her holy lands

    the act of f-cking her in the holy land. otherwise known as that dank p-ssy. what is on your agenda today? i am about to seize her holy lands

  • zachin' it

    driving on anything that’s not a paved road. i never drive on roads, i’m always zachin’ it.

  • godzilla 2014

    godzilla 2014 is 5 minutes of a severly obese lizard with pinhead syndrome, and 115 minutes of a bug eyed crying white boy who likes like a fish whining in your face. i want to watch a sad rom com about two boring white people crying. f-ck steel magnolias, i’m going to see godzilla 2014!!

  • perfect friend

    a perfect friend is someone who care about you more than you care about yourself. i was lucky enough in life to get a perfect friend.

  • stink and pink

    to seek both -n-l and v-g-n-l s-x. juan wanted stink and pink tonight!

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