“d-ck” in czech and slovak , usually referred as “čůrák,kokot, péro (only the genitalia)”
usually used as a description of male’s genitalia or a guy who’s a d-ck
jeho si nevšímej, je to kokot – don’t bother with him, he’s a d-ck
má velkýho kokota – he’s got a big d-ck .
a kokot is person who is b-tching about everything and acts like a f-cker. he often says words like he is the best man ever…
it also may be used for man’s s-xual organ.
on je ale kokot! (he is so a d-ck)
on ma ale velky kokot. (he has a big c-ck)
kokot is a slovak noun for c-ck or d-ck. it´s used as insult or dishonour.
it can be used as t-tle for phallus, p-n-s.
“a ten kokot, co po mne krici, toho zabijem nozom!”
“co si tam mam dat kokot na ten nos?” (author: melisko)

translation: “and the d-ck, who shouts at me, i´ll kill him with the knife!”
“shall i give a d-ck on that nose?”

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