g-y -ss b-tch
kayla kolseth is a total kolseth

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  • grapestate

    the state in which everything you see is purple. boi last night at the concert, i was in total grapestate.

  • brandon harvey

    g-y. loves the d. loves shrek and stalks from a tree. un-s-xiest thing alive. horrific. anti-straight. likes to take it up the -ss. “that boy was a brandon harvey, he freaked me out”

  • wifi scalpin

    when someone walks by your house and locks on to your wifi..term coined by hunter marino corben..why is that girl sitting on the curb out front? hunter..i don’t know ,she’s probably wifi scalpin’

  • ding sling

    when a person is h-t so hard, they end up in a sling. “i can’t play tonight coach, trevor ding slinged me.” said john

  • laxens nasa

    1. de mannen 2. hip mi mi laxens näsa mi mi mi

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