acronym for “kushed out my mind”
d-mn man, i smoked too much weed. i’m komm.

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  • laser pig

    1- a stuffed pig which makes funny grunting noises when hit against walls or other people’s heads. 2- a source of great amus-m-nt “dude, chuck me laser pig” “no he’s my laser pig” (insert physical battle for the control of the small pink pig here)

  • lasalle inst*tute

    a very un successful school in troy ny, that is a rehabilitation academy for grades 6-12 to help preteens and young adults cope with their h-m-s-xuality. every one at lasalle inst-tute “bites the big one”.

  • laser pendulum

    a laser pendulum is one physical form of g-d, a.k.a. chuck norris. the power of the laser pendulum is so fearsome that the roman catholic church has begun using it in place of “amen” at the end of prayers. it’s sheer epic awesomeness means that any being who does not fully appreciate its existence and […]

  • lashings

    lashings of: a large indefinite amount of. synonymous with: heaps of, loads of, piles of, mountains of, stacks of etc. nb. often used with cream/ custard etc (perhaps has a sort of onomatopoeic meaning) mum always puts lashings of cream on the pudding. to slap someone about the head with your c-ck. the lashings can […]

  • mac'n it

    putting your best foot forward for a woman, ecspecially through smooth talking, in an attempt to get in her pants or “f-ck” her dude, there were all these b-tch-s at the club last night, i was totally mac’n it or last night, we were ballers, but we didn’t “mac it”

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