Konata Izumi

konata izumi, or izumi konata in her birthplace of j-pan, is an anime character from the show lucky star

konata enjoys anime although being in an anime herself and is pretty much a boy with everything.

most people recognize konata as a girl with long blue hair, or the main source of :3 or =3
konata izumi: i can’t wait to get home and play my dating sims :d
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konata izumi is one of the primary characters of the anime/manga series by the name of lucky star. she is famous for her obsession with all things anime, a long-time interest in adult dating simulator computer games, and a tendency to never follow the norms of everyday women. her key physical features are long blue hair, a beauty mark under her right eye, and a child-like build.

konata works part-time at a cosplay cafe, a commitment that is surprising to the other girls of the show. she has portrayed different characters, with the most prominent being haruhi suzumiya the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. she spends her paychecks primarily on anime/manga merchandise, and is known to buy three of the same item- one for personal use, one for collecting, and the other as a backup.

konata’s s-xuality is questionable. although a firm preference has never been mentioned in the series, she has displayed interest in things such as miyuki takara’s br–sts and her friend, kagami hiiragi. such has lead to a widespread fanshipping known as konaxkaga (or konakaga, kagakona, etc.), of which relevant fanart and fanfiction portrays the two characters engaging in romantic activity of different levels.
“konata izumi is a reflection of all modern otaku.” -anime fan

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