a perfect creature that everyone loves. good at everything and a cool and awesome person.
yo dude, that guy is totally like kongedam

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  • Bite the Bone

    1. someone who enjoys a little teeth on there d-ck while getting head. 2. someone (preferably a guy) who would say “bite the bone” or “bite my bone” when zach was getting head from olivia he said “bite the bone” so she knew she was using too much tongue and lip.

  • Koryne

    a girl who is shy, but once you get to know her she never shuts up. usually having brown eyes, koryne wishes to have more lighter colored eyes. she is a girl who knows her true friends along with the fake ones but only has one real friend. she keeps her friends close and enemies […]

  • Harrison Yardney

    a man of great fortune. one who gets the p-ssy of michal, jess, and mia. a man of great honor and respect for his peers, yet hides his feelings towards them. as well as secretly wanting to hug and kiss joshua hyams you remind me of “harrison yardney”

  • Harry Shortcake

    a mix of the harry houdini and the strawberry shortcake. while doing someone doggy-style you pull out and spit on their back pretending you c-m and when they look back you blow a load in their face ( harry houdini ) then you punch them in the nose and make them bleed (strawberry shortcake) female: […]

  • Hauling Lumber

    this is a euphemism for the state in which someone is in need of a bowel movement, i.e. that feeling that you need to take a cr-p. man, i have been hauling lumber all day, i don’t know how much longer i can hold it.

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