konke, someone or something that is usually well know great sence of fashion and kind hearted many people aspire to be a konke

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  • cynt

    originally a typo from the swear word “c-nt” meaning v-g-n- or someone who is an -sshole, a cynt, however, is a cynical youth (who) never tries, aka cynt. cynical youth who never tries larry; “by god the kids these days are such cynts” translated to “the youth of this generation are cynical and never try […]

  • clearway school

    a place where there are overly sensitive -ssholes who can’t take a joke and delinquents who are racist, s-xist, and h-m-phobic. despite these facts the staff don’t do anything because they prefer to look good, bribe the students to lie and have their thumbs so up their -ss. clearway school is such a h-ll hole

  • grab a coffee

    is code for s-x “hey maybe we could grab a coffee sometime?”

  • judeth

    she is the prettiest sweetest person you will every meet. smart. pretty. athletic. if you meet one hold on the her. easy to love, hard to leave. the name judeth isn’t common because it is usually spelled judith hold on to her boys .

  • fiye

    meaning something is “fire” or really good that new song by migos is fiye bro!

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