kooking is the act of incest. typically found in two states, alabama and west virginia.
“wow dude you were really kooking last night.”

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  • aim high act now

    a popular s-x position. it involves the enables the female to “aim high” by sucking the male’s p-n-s. the male then can “act now” by releasing his c-m guy 1: what did you do with that prost-tute yesterday? guy 2: we did a aim high act now and had a great night.

  • french twins

    two dudes who constantly f-ck the same chicks back to back. “juan and jay have f-cked the same five girls in a row. those guys are totally french twins.

  • kuntbubble

    a bubble blown out of ones funny darling your f-nny has just produced one mammoth kuntbubble, your ace!!!! buy the domain for your cat blog

  • power dougan

    a high velocity evacuation of one’s bowels over a condensed time window. the busy qa lead had to power dougan between meetings to ensure he didn’t miss any important information while on the sh-tter. buy the domain for your diy blog

  • wizzop

    the thing gucci mane says in “i get the bag” “drop top, wizzop, ooooh… you get the bag and fumble it, i get the bag and flip it and tumble it yea” buy the domain for your recipe vlog

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