cool, has style, smart. will succeed in live and go really far. often wealthy
cool wealthy kopac

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  • p**py nagle

    a nagle of the p–py variety. that is one p–py nagle you have there.

  • popping her cookies

    an -rg-sm. namely, a girl’s -rg-sm, since male equipment obviously doesn’t look like a cookie jar, but long and hard bruschetta bread. derived from cookie jar. when he curled his fingers in her, she instantly started popping her cookies.

  • cojones rancheros

    wrapping one’s t-st-cl-s in a soft corn tortilla while adding a dash of hot sauce after which thrusting it in another’s mouth. my girlfriend had a taste for taco bell last night but it was closed so i got out the tortillas and hot sauce and she ate my cojones rancheros.

  • coldation

    cold, freezing i am dying from coldation

  • scandiaing

    when you spend you whole day at scandia, eat all the food, and play itg til you just can’t play anymore, which never really happenes. micah- “hey, mitch want to go scandiaing with me today? mitch- duhhh, i love that place”

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