korean insults

a true but hurtful statement.
you called me a cheater! stop the korean insults!

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  • pryzbylewski

    the best name to say out loud. bar none. also the name of an officer in the wire, whose inept-tude knows no bounds. “pryzbylewski”. “f-ck that name sounds so cool”

  • autochill

    it’s like netflix and chill but you don’t have netflix and any partner… it’s just you, yourself and…you. i’m alone at home and i’m getting bored. ok let’a have some autochill!

  • eating pears

    when you’re playing skin flute and you get some on your tie. brett was eating pears, now he has j-zz on his tie.

  • marques b*tch

    someone who consistently f-cks up in a text conversation joe: how was your day? bill: eh, fine. how about y0uwbdo? bill: oops, autocorrect, am i right? joe: no bill, you’re not right. you marques b-tch.

  • xenathon

    a marathon xena: warrior princess viewing or binge watch. the new xena comic book is out soon, to celebrate i had a huge xenathon this weekend!

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