alfred (habdank skarbek)
[hab-dangk skahr-bek;; polish hahp-dahngk skahr-bek] /ˈhæb dæŋk ˈskɑr bɛk;; polish ˈhɑp dɑŋk ˈskɑr bɛk/ (show ipa), 1879–1950, u.s. writer on general semantics, born in poland.
historical examples

it’s really a semantic reaction test; korzybski would have loved it.
day of the moron henry beam piper

“that sounds like korzybski,” pierre said, as they turned onto route 19 in the village and headed east.
murder in the gunroom henry beam piper

alfred (habdank skarbek). 1879–1950, us originator of the theory and study of general semantics, born in poland

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