all around perfect guy. known to cause even the most loyal of girls to turn on their boyfriends very shy but the girls still dig him with his fresh and fine,handsome face which is so cute, it cant be resisted whether young or old, always tend to attract the attention of the public with his gorgeous looks.
girl 1;dude did you see that kosi? he’s so fine, he’s also really the ladies type.

girl 2; yeah i heard that to and he is, i think he has a gf tho.

girl 1; i bet, shes so luckyy.

he is too kosi.
a very nice,fine and shy but cute man
he is a kosi
a last name anyone would love to have if you do have this last name your the coolest, best, cute, and amazing. there the best.
person 1: i think her last name is kosi. person 2: omg she is so lucky and obviously it is her last name because she so cool.

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