a rather s-xy but extremely dumb-ss man.

gets hurt alot, but continues funneling mickeys and jumping off high places.

crazy but cool
“yo! that guy is such a kovacs!”

“did you see kovacs jump in that fire!?!”

“i want kovacs in my panties!”
from croatia …

foreign visitor, someone who came from the 5 elements air, earth, water, fire ….

(pr-nounce k-o-v-a-sh/ch)
dr. kovac (er. character played by goran visnjic)

dog name kovac (k)
soccer player robert kovac
kovac is a gay individual who also likes animals more than any human should(they like them s-xualy)
that guy is such a kovac
a very gay male whos strangly attracted to fish, but not limited to horses, daynas, queers, and ryan porters
tim: hey did you see kovacs

jeremy: you mean the horse f-cker? yes i viewed this astounding sight while watching him beat of a ryan porter

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