Kraft Singles

a chicago slang term meaning dollar bills. derived from another slang term that refers to money as cheese. (originates from slices of cheese produced by kraft foods)
yo i just cashed my check so i got a wallet full of kraft singles, drinks are on me
untasty yellow squares of “pasteurized prepared cheese product” made by kraft. commonly used to make sandwiches.
all you have is kraft singles? f-ck
a song that has been so overly processed and manipulated by the producers that the original artist’s voice is barely recognizeable. the term was coined by sirius radio personality derek hartley.
britney’s new alb-m is nothing but kraft singles. it’s pathetic.
any popular song, or “single” track that has been so overly processed in the studio that the original artist’s voice is barely recognizable.
“wow, ali lohan’s recording an alb-m, huh?” “yeah, can’t wait to her her new kraft single.”
pop songs so over processed and produced that all nature has been removed.
britney spears’s latest song has been processed like a kraft single.
reference to my constant status of relationship, and the lack of ability with people with the same name as cheese to get dates
so, is he seeing anyone?

kraft single.
a brand of cheese slices made by kraft called kraft singles. they are good for you, and can be used to make cheese sandwiches. yum.
mom, do we have any kraft singles?

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