when someone is so intelligent that they turn you on. someone who would excite a sapios-xual.
she’s a 7 but she’s so krexy she’s a 10!

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  • taco sisters

    women who have shared a s-xual partner; female equivalent to eskimo brothers rose: linda, aren’t you going to pay for that? linda: nah, it’s cool we’re taco sisters!

  • the name desire

    the best, funniest, smartest, beautifullest girl in the world. the name desire is so cool.

  • tairan w*ng

    g-y chinese guy he is so tairan w-ng

  • liniment sniffer

    liniment sniffer, a person who hang’s around football club rooms on game day for no good reason. look at that guy over there, he’s a liniment sniffer, 3 weeks in a row.

  • shrubbage

    a broad and encomp-ssing term used to describe edible leafy vegetables, usually found in salads i like to order half fries, and half salad as a side to my main meal. having the shrubbage helps me feel like i’m being healthy.

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