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can you define it?

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  • my d*ck fell off

    a really sincere way to say sorry or “my bad” “you cheated on me!” “sorry, my d-ck fell off”

  • chanchal

    annoying, cringeworthy, stupid, but fun in a least sort. this new girl in my school is such a chanchal, she gets on everyone’s nerves.

  • bust man

    telling someone to “bust man” is a dismissal for when someone tries to correct you. marcus: hey, james you are actually wrong. james: yo! “bust man.@

  • wet asf

    getting a girl h-rny/wet, make her panties/underwear soaking with p-ssy juice i made that b-tch wet asf just like my brooski, we p-ssed that hoe around like a ball

  • pgh

    pokemon go hunting hey you wanna go pgh tonight? pretty good hand used for hold em or any other game with cards dlogan shows ah ac four of a kind aces dlogan: that was a pgh

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