Krispy Kreme Diet

a feeble attempt at a prayer of a diet.
joanna- “i’m so fat”

april- “to be honest, you really are fat”

joanna- “i read about the krispy kreme diet in the funnies yesterday, maybe it works”

april- “ooooo, tastey and inginious!”

(4 weeks later, after a diet of 3 krispy kreme donuts daily)

joanna- “i think this diet is working! my scale says err, which i think stands for something good”

(joanna’s brother david overhears the conversation)

david- “no, it means error because you’re so fat the scale can’t handle the load upon it”

joanna- “you’re just mad because i ate your box of twinkies”

david- “wow, that makes you even fatter, fatty.”

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