a man without a p-n-s
hey krizser, what’s hanging?

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  • bvnixr

    a rare disease found in every 2,947,482 people found upon earths crust and can only be healed with the touch of the one and only generic squirrel bvnixr is a killer !

  • c*mstand

    similar to a snowball, but instead of c-mming in a mouth that p-sses it to your mouth, you are c-mming inside your own mouth without the middle-woman or middle-man. she ditched out on me to wash her hair, so i’m doing the old netflix and c-mstand tonight.

  • cheezy peeny

    a cheezy peeny is when’s one puts melted cheese on their p-n-s. it is incredibly painful and no one does it exept for those guys who don’t know what real love is. “oh my god dude what is luigi doing?!” ” you pie faced ding dog he’s making a cheezy peeny….”

  • zhoaib

    s-xy black cute b-st-rd, girls adore his big c-ck. can fight, a zhoaib would come from a family full of solid people. zhoaib would love to sh-g any girl who’s peng, is that a zhoaib?.. wow i can see his third leg sticking out…

  • alaskan minute

    a very long time. not just a few days or weeks but months or years. “so dude how long has it been since you ate at applebees?” “man it’s been an alaskan minute!!”

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