the best thing to do, to get drunk ang high. you truly haven’t lived until you got krunked
i don’t remember anything from last night i was so krunked
drunk and highhh
last night i drank 10 beers and smoked a fatty blunt, i was krunked up.
act of being high and drunk and the same time
man i was so krunked last night.
getting crazy and stupid without anything
i got krunked at school yesterday
more specifically, the effect achieved after one takes pills of dxm and washes them down with alcohol. more severe cases can also merit the inclusion of the adverb “infragibly” (refrencing the hulk-esque character of the “justice friends” cartoon usually shown with “dexter’s lab”).
possible origin may be that one developes impairments of speech and vocabulary, therefor sounding a bit like him.
dude you are infragibly krunked.
this means simply “drunk”
“we gonna go to the club and get krunked with britney.”
-the ying yang twins, “(i got that) boom boom,” in the zone
to get excited about something
i am krunked about the party tonight.
1)to find something better than you posses now.
2)to make something better.
1)yo, that sh-ts krunked up man.
2)yo, thats krunked up since last time i was that.

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