a special wonderful person and amazing to but sometimes can be mean and moody. we’ll violate anybody on site!
kryshana come her!

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  • dust turtle

    a slow old person that n-body likes or wants to be around. when the dust turtle came in, everyone hid.

  • pearl onions

    a shaven, smooth scr-t-m with a shiny, glistening appearance of baby skin. the complete opposite of pickled onions. she loves slobbing on my kn-b but she really loves fondling my pearl onions.

  • research material

    any material that involves nudes or lewd images. subject a: “h?” subject b: “, you know, just gunna go look for more research material.”

  • the succ trucc

    a vehicle in which multiple people are succing, or giving the succ there are three girls in the succ trucc, all succing.

  • rev*g*n*lzation

    when a woman’s v-g-n- is loosely abused stick a bone in ham prefferably 8-10 pounds b-tterball jamit up in there and waller it around then sn-tch the bone out i would rather perform a rev-g-n-lzation get f-cked in the bathroom with a strap on from a transvest-te.

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