punjabi/hindi slang for a damsel
is kudi ko dekha maine

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  • lachandra

    s-xy, big booty, nice hips, very faithful, loving, caring, and pretty lachandra is very beautiful

  • lametry

    having done or engaging in behaviors or actions -ssociated with being “lame”. they’re all about lametry. he had a degree in lametry, also known as being a cop/pig.

  • lap fever

    the desire of a child (hopefully) to only sit in or be held by her or his caregiver’s lap area. p-ss me that baby. he won’t stop crying till somebody’s got him. he’s got a bad case of lap fever.

  • largin' it

    someone who is “giving it large” a person showing off regardless of their surroundings. tom was totally largin’ it in the club last night.

  • laser tw*t

    getting your v-g-n- tightned by laser . shes such a laser tw-t . its onvs what shes had done !

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