a lil b-tch -ss n-gg- with a smal d-ck
he is so kudy

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  • dangericious

    an adjective that applies to certain “fatal attractions”. charlie sheen’s character in the movie ferris bueller’s day off : dangericious. daryl from the walking dead : dangericious. my ex : too high to qualify. ferrari, dangericious. guns, dangericious. m-ff dives, dangericious. etc., etc., etc….

  • topek

    the most cute and handsome person in manjung, perak . wow , that guy is so topek

  • midday soiree

    pretentious, translation-challenged oxymoron that mistakes the meaning of the french word “soirée” to be “party” instead of “evening.” refers to a meetup of haughty people probably in a yatch eating cuc-mber sandwiches and wearing breeches. we look forward to a midday soiree of great company, intriguing conversation, tasty c-cktails, and -ssorted entertainment at the manor.

  • murksman

    is a fat c-nt that likes men in and on him at all times his favourite thing is finding d-ck holes so he can get his -ss f-cking and his c-m mouth wash murksman dich is about 1.5 inches at hard and .5 inches soft the only girls hes been in was his mom and […]

  • spaznastic

    achieving slight annoyingness through random and extreme bursts of hyper activity that man is nothing but a spaznastic t-rd after spending a good amount of time in a public bathroom smoking crack, you are transformed into a ‘junkhero’. you no longer are subdued to the lower cl-ss ‘normal’ citizen, you have a power that is […]

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