travel without ticket in a public transport system.

attending a party without being invited
it’s a big party bro, you cant k-mmanadi
travel without ticket in public transport.
k-mmanadi is defined as travel without ticket in a metro. attending a party without being invited.
poking nose into without any shame or dignity.
the k-mmanadi expert has to be jailed.
which means partic-p-ting any functions without invitation. it is called as k-mmanadi. കുമ്മനടി in malayalam.
for example k-mmanam partic-p-ted kochi metro rail inauguration function with indian prime minister, kerala chief minister pinaray vijayan and governer without inviting him. that is k-mmanadi.
its a word that means travelling without proper p-ss or attending a function without invitation. commonly used machane oru k-mmandiund varunno.
innu palliyil oru marriage und namuk poi k-mmanadichaloo
the phenomenon of visiting somewhere without invitation or travelling without tickets.
he gone for a great marriage function in malabar for k-mmanadi and he was reached yesterday to his home by k-mmanadi in indian railways. that’s why people always call him as k-mman
to travel/attend a function without either invitation or without having the merit to do so.
the term was coined after k-mmanam rajasekharan a bjp leader was allowed to travel with prime minister, governor and chief minister in a metro car during the inauguration of kochi metro. it had become a controversy as many eminent people who worked hard for the metro were not invited to the function.
he is an expert in k-mmanadi at wedding parties.
he got fined for k-mmanadi in public bus

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