a cool and beautiful young lady who is social person very talented and a loud person she has a big b-tt and she can dance she thinks she the queen and also she very good in bed
“d-mn kurieya you got a fat -ss”

“kurieya can i smash tonight “

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  • that doesnt mean squat to me

    you don’t care about something or your done with whatever is going on around you. kelly: i’m 13 and he’s 15 so why can’t we date? mom: your age difference that doesn’t mean squat to me! you are not dating.

  • brocoma

    when a toyota tacoma has been modified to the point where it is “bro”. the more light bars, rake, and the amount of dessert race brands they contain increases the level of bro. the installation of bfg ko2 tires instantly takes an ordinary tacoma into bro status. dude, check out that sick brocoma.

  • pillows in the forest

    when two g-y men go out into the woods to have kinky s-x what are tim and johnny up to this weekend? i heard they’re going to the state park for some pillows in the forest.

  • poking through the armor

    having a b-n-r andy you are poking through the armor again

  • warn v one

    when one gets drunk and takes his/her rage out on inanimate objects to warn others of their anger and their ruthless ways did you hear bradley warn-v-oned his tv last night? there was gl-ss and blood everywhere.

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