kurosh is a name of a king he is told to be s-xy and to have lots of girlfriends
kurosh your so hot

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  • shooting your shot

    sliding in the dm’s, trying to signal that you want tk hook up. she rated me a ten and used heart emojis, so i asked, “are you shooting your shot?”

  • adava kedarva

    a harry potter curse used to murder someone adava kedarva!

  • dinzzz

    dinzzz = dinner + sleep together typically a pizza date at home or like sushi wanna have dinzzz angie sure babe

  • remo-noa

    chicken pumper, p-rn star, hickey boy. remo-noa is such a chicken pumper.

  • kianni

    a girl who will catch your eye she is know as a f-ckgirl she has a thick body with a nice booty kiannis a keeper

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