kurt angle

a resident of pittsburgh, pennsylvania (actaully lives in mount lebanon, a suburb of pittsburgh); former two-time ncaa champion and olympic gold medalist in the final of the 220-pound freestyle wrestling compet-tion in the 1996 olympic games, where he defeated iranian abbas jadidi. kurt made his wwf debut in the 1999 survivor series by defeating shawn stasiak in a singles match. kurt is a rarty, in that he had the talent and charisma to transfer from being an olympic mat wrestler to a pseudo-celebrity professional wrestler, and is now considered one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. coined the phrases, “intensity, integrity and intelligence” and “it’s true, it’s true” and uses the olympic/angle slam and ankle lock as his finishing maneuvers. likely to be in the wwe hall of fame in the future.
fun kurt fact: kurt angle preached for “olympic heroes for abstinence” during a live episode of “raw,” held at state college, pa (psu for those unaware).
a famous pro wrestler who’s also an olympic champion.
brendan looks like kurt angle,it’s true it’s true!
someone who enjoys drinking a big gl-ss of milk, eating chocolate chip cookies, and taking some v–gr-.

kurt angle is also known for blurting out ”it’s true! it’s true!” before someone finishes their statement.

kurt angle’s pizza hut commercial also happened to place 1st in america’s funniest home videos.
kurt angle is a true american hero.
the specific, and hard to attain, “perfect” angle for -n-l s-x where there is no resistance from the receiver.
joe: how was is with julie last night?

reggie: great! it took a few tries but i finally found the kurt angle!
the most overrated wrestler in tna. gets so intense and angry, you think he is about to sh-t himself.
“kurt angle in the main event of a tna paper view again? i guess it goes along with death and taxes.”

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