the politically correct way of saying “black” people. a person distinguished by their african features (“black” stereotypes) such as big noses, big lips, big b-tts, nappy hair, and of course dark skin… weather you’re from africa, the caribbean’s, south america, north america, asia ect., if you are recognized as a “black” person (regardless of skin tone) then you are a kushian.

it is also the “safe word” for people (who work for the government, “white” people)
who don’t want to come across as prejudice or careless towards kushians who don’t want to be called “black”(light skinned people).

to be blunt, it is the “black” version of caucasian…
african albinos have african features, but they’er not dark skinned. they’er kushians

the united states spells it with a c, the rest of the world spells it with a k (like the metric system)
if you are light skinned, mulatto, mixed ect. person and recognized as “black”, you are kushian

of course if you are dark skinned(not indian, both native and from india) and you have african features, you are kushian

“there are a lot of cushians at that rap concert…”

“kushians are very good at sports, but not swimming…”

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