kuthe ni behsti

behsti means embarr-ss or embarr-ssment in urdu/hindi/punjabi. to have your behsti done amongst others means to be embarr-ssed, not neccessarily in front of anyone, can be verbal, written or even physical.

a kutha is urdu/hindi/punjabi for dog. generally seen as creatures who are loyal yet can be overpowered by their owners and disrespected at will, this then gives the sense of authority over them as it is up to the owner to keep his dogs respect.

to embar-ss someone to the level of a dog would be regarded as kuthe ni behsti. where there is no coming back from that level of degradation.
example 1
man 1: “this guy went to spit on me but ended up spitting on himself!”
man 2: “lol, did anyone see?”
man 1: “yeah, about 10 people bruv!”
man 2: “lol! that’s proper kuthe ni behsti!”

example 2
a man walking past some coins on the ground decides to pick them up. unfortunately for him, they have been glued to the floor and he was being recorded. the people filming him on the sly laughed at him in his face. it was a proper kuthe ni behsti moment.

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