kuzu no honkai

a psychological and very dramatic anime about (you guessed it) highschoolers. these 2 highschoolers in particular have helplessly fallen in love with 2 teachers who are in a relationship. so they act as if they are a couple to hide their loneliness. the anime then turns into a bunch of messed up sh-t with a lot of cheating, blackmail, etc. this all happens with them wishing they would get together with their love interest. thus the t-tle means “sc-m’s wish”.

kuzu no honkai is messed up, that’s why it attracts a messed up fanbase…(like me)
person 1: “hey bro did you watch kuzu no honkai??”

person 2: “no and i don’t want to.”

person 1: “why? ”

person 2: “it’s messed up.”

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