another way to say: shut up and stop whining.
kwitcherbellyakin and go buy me s’more beer!

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  • skit-ska-do-do-ra-ra-kill-du-gee-ga

    a stupid c-nt (usually female) that constantly gets drunk off cheerleader beer. i got so drunk off bacardi and smirnoff last night…i love being a skit-ska-do-do-ra-ra-kill-du-gee-ga!

  • Kalbassa (Cold Cut), Kalbasitsya

    a phrase, originally invented in israel by russian public. one may use this phrase when he discribes his feeling about something. also may used as describing of joy. -mike gives danny a drug- danny: hey mike how is the drug? mike: kalb-ssa!

  • Pull a Hansel

    to go out and run up a tab, and mysteriously misplace/lose your wallet and make a friend cover your bill with promises of future payment friend 1.”hey the bill just arrived where did jimmy go?” friend 2.”did he just pull a hansel?” friend 1.” he totally did!”

  • Contor

    a more hip way of saying “straight-edge”. a new age way of explaining to another that you are sober. a more recognizable way explaining ones dismissal of alcohol and drugs. drug addict: yo! man lets do some dope alcoholic: yeah dude i brought alcoholic beverages contorer: whoa guys i’m contor and i’ve been contoring for […]

  • Tucson TubeSock

    the process in which a “tucson tubesock” is -j-c-l-t-ng “gizzing” in your best mates “friends” sock and then quickly smacking them across the face with the sock full of your man chowder. being which the tucson tubesock that m-th- f-cka p-ssed me off so i grabbed his sock while he was sleepin and gave dat […]

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